Vintage Style Watering Can

There is nothing more important than keeping your indoor plants watered, fed, and well-cared for. Care for your houseplants in style!

Watering can is the most essential tool your plants can’t live without. Unlike any other ordinary watering can, this vintage design watering is a gorgeous piece of design itself. And it is absolutely perfect when it comes to watering your indoor plants! With an extra-long, slender spout it is ideal for controlled watering. Tall or hanging plants will no longer be hard to reach! The narrow and long spout is also perfect for watering smaller plants as it allows you to control the water flow with no spillages and allows you to target precisely. The watering can is made of stainless steel, so you can leave the water in it if you do not get to use all of it.

  • Capacity: 1 liter
  • Light and elegant indoor watering can
  • Material: Stainless steel – for indoor use
  • Available in 4 trendy colors – Summer green, Dark forest green, gold and white

Sale price€25,00 Regular price€30,00
Color: Forest Green