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Activated Charcoal Pellets - 1 liter - SMUKHIActivated Charcoal Pellets - 1 liter - SMUKHI
Airlayering Root Sleeve - SMUKHIAirlayering Root Sleeve - 2-pack - SMUKHI
Airlayering Root Sleeve - 2-pack Sale priceFrom €2,80
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Alocasia Corms
Alocasia Corms Sale price€4,00
Anthurium Crystallinum x Besseae aff - SeedsAnthurium Crystallinum x Besseae aff - Seeds
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Anthurium Crystallinum x LuxuriansAnthurium Crystallinum x Luxurians
Anthurium Dark Phoenix x RLFSAnthurium Dark Phoenix x RLFS
Anthurium Dark Phoenix x RLFS Sale price€199,00
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Anthurium Fort Sherman x XOneAnthurium Fort Sherman x XOne
Anthurium Fort Sherman x XOne Sale price€199,00
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Anthurium Goliath (Darkest Panama) - SeedlingsAnthurium Goliath (Darkest Panama) - Seedlings
Anthurium Magnificum xAnthurium Magnificum x
Anthurium Magnificum x Sale price€20,00
Anthurium Regale x Crystalinum - SeedlingsAnthurium Regale x Crystalinum - Seedlings
Anthurium RLFS x Dark Phoenix - SeedsAnthurium RLFS x Dark Phoenix - Seeds
Anthurium RLFS x HURCAnthurium RLFS x HURC
Anthurium RLFS x HURC Sale price€149,00
Anthurium Wendlingeri - SeedsAnthurium Wendlingeri - Seeds
Anthurium Wendlingeri - Seeds Sale priceFrom €18,50
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Anthurium Xone x HUxRC - SeedlingAnthurium Xone x HUxRC - Seedling
Biobizz Fish MixBiobizz Fish Mix
Biobizz Fish Mix Sale price€5,95
Mini Cactus Candle "Little Prick", Unscented - Handmade - Soy Wax - SMUKHIMini Cactus Candle "Little Prick", Unscented - Handmade - Soy Wax - SMUKHI
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Cactus Terrarium Candle, Scented - Handmade - Soy Wax - SMUKHICactus Terrarium Candle, Scented - Handmade - Soy Wax - SMUKHI
Cactus Candle - Handmade - Natural Soy Wax Sale price€16,95 Regular price€19,95
Save 13%
Candle Holder Bow - SMUKHICandle Holder Bow - SMUKHI
Candle Holder Bow Sale price€6,95 Regular price€7,95
Cercestis MirabilisCercestis Mirabilis
Cercestis Mirabilis Sale price€49,00
Clear Arch Trellis - U-Shape Plant SupportClear Arch Trellis - U-Shape Plant Support
Clear Mini Clamps - Set of 10Clear Mini Clamps - Set of 10
Clear Moss Pole "Hex" - Various SizesClear Moss Pole "Hex" - Various Sizes
Mini Moss Pole "Pine" - Clear Plastic - SMUKHIMini Moss Pole "Pine" - Clear Plastic - SMUKHI
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Clear Moss Pole "Square" (v1) - LargeClear Moss Pole "Square" (v1) - Large
Clear Moss Pole "Square" (v1) - Large Sale price€6,50 Regular price€7,50