Velcro Plant Tie - Soft Green - 5 m

Sale price€3,95

Do you still use regular twine to support your plants or ties in a color that is visible from the other side of your room? Climbing plant supports should be aesthetically pleasing too! Velcro Plant Ties in a subtle green color blends in nicely with your green plants! Velcro plant ties are a must for climbing plants!

Easy to use and reuse!
Cut the necessary length, and use it to tie a plant (its stems, vines or individual leaves) to a climbing pole, rack or another type of support. Adjust easily whenever necessary!

Its also possible to tie larger and heavier plants with this velcro tie. It provides a strong grip, and is reusable.
Material is weatherproof and can be therefore also used outdoors.

The tie comes in a roll of 5 meters, and is 12.5 mm wide.