Root Sleeve (2 pcs)

Airlayering Root Sleeve for promoting (aerial) root growth on Aroids, especially Anthuriums. Placed around the stem that has aerial root buds, and filled with sphagnum moss, it will provide moisture to encourage the growth of the roots. Easy watering, allowing water to drain into the moss and down into the soil. The sleeve also helps to hold the moisture for longer compared to loose moss around the stem.

  • Made of clear PET plastic
  • Flexible diameter
  • Helps to retain moisture for longer
  • Easy to water
  • Easy to secure
  • 2 pieces per pack 

Sizes (Diameter x Height)

Small: 50-85 x 40 mm
Medium: 50-85 x 60 mm
Large: 50-85 x 120 mm  

Please note: Root Sleeves are made on a small scale using non-professional equipment that requires manual handling. There might be some minor imperfections.

Sale price€2,80
Size: Small (40 mm)