Plagron Power Roots

Power Roots is a root-strengthening additive consisting of humic acids, seaweed extracts, various vitamins and hydrolysed proteins. These different ingredients all have their own specific function. The humic acids create more branching in the root system and thicker root hairs. This increases nutrient absorption. The seaweed extract contains essential plant metabolites, which improve soil structure and root architecture. The vitamins, in turn, ensure that the right process is initiated for improved root growth.

Fast and vigurous root development. The hydrolysed proteins in Power Roots optimise the growth of your plant's roots. The proteins contribute to seedling development, lateral root formation and tolerance to abiotic stress.

Increases root surface area. The ingredients in Power Roots cause the plant to grow longer roots, as well as more root hairs. This increases the total surface area of roots, allowing the root system to function at its best.

Improves nutrient absorption and soil structure. The combination of substances in Power Roots improves soil structure. They contribute to improved water retention and promote the growth of beneficial soil microbes.

Dosage and use

Shake well before use. Add 1 ml Power Roots per liter water (1:1.000). Use this solution each time the plants are irrigated until the fourth week of the flowering phase.

NPK: 1-0-2

Volume: 500 ml

Sale price€24,00