New-Zealand Tree Fern Fiber - 5L

Indoor plants grow beautifully in New Zealand tree fern. New Zealand tree fern is soft, porous, spongy and long-lasting, and it has fantastic moisture-holding abilities. The natural product has a much larger surface area than many other substrates, which means they retain moisture much better.

Growing your vining aroid up a pole is worth it as it allows your plant to do what it is designed to do, which is to climb. Fern fiber is the perfect material to use for climbing indoor plants as it is natural, similar to a tree, which makes it ideal for your plants to mimic their natural environment.

When indoor plants are staked on a pole or totem, it encourages their growth. Natural vining plants send out aerial roots to try and attach to trees and climb up towards the sunlight. If you stake your indoor plants up on a totem, the leaves will grow large and beautiful.

New Zealand tree fern substrate is perfect for air layering and propagation of plant cuttings, with a very strong healthy root strike every time.

Native Tree Fern is suitable for Anthuriums, Philodendrons, Pothos, Monsteras, Begonias, Syngonium, Hoyas and many other indoor plants.

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