Mother PlantSpectrum 16 - Full-spectrum LED Growlight

PlantSpectrum modules are waterproof IP65 full-spectrum LED growlights that come in 16Watt or 32Watt formats/lengths with a power adapter including all international plugs for use worldwide. A disc for vertical placement is included as well as 2 sliders with zip ties for easy fixture into growth racks. Extra mounts for different purposes can be added.

Technical parameters

Correlated Color Temperature: CCT=3914K
PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation): 92%
Human Eye Light Intensity Flux: 2495lm
Light Distribution Angle: 120°
dust- and waterproof housing.

In the box

  • Full-spectrum 16 Watt/40 cm grow light module
  • Wall adapter with all international plug types
  • Disc mount for vertical installation
  • Slider mounts for easy rack installation
  • 2x M4 hex screws, 1 hex L-key tool

Mother Infinity promise

4 year warranty  |  Use forever  |  Repair inexpensively

  • 4 year warranty worldwide on LED Board

  • 2 year warranty on other components, worldwide

  • Visual damage like e.g. scratches that occured after first usage are not covered under warranty.


Sale price€139,00