Kelpak Biostimulant - Kelp Concentrate

Kelpak is a natural biostimulant manufactured from brown kelp. Ecklonia maxima, found on the west coast of South Africa.

Kelpak biostimulant's plant growth-enhancing properties have been scientifically proven to greatly affect crop productivity by promoting several, often related actions, like greater root mass and lateral root growth, shoot and bud development, seed and pollen germination, pollen tube growth, chlorophyll output and photosynthesis. These interactions at a cellular level lead to stronger, healthier plants, improved yields, and ultimately a better return for the farmer.

Kelpak provides a healthy root system, stronger stems, and foliar growth, ensuring your plant will be more tolerant to abiotic stresses. Kelpak application directly after a crop has experienced stress such as drought, frost, hail, or flooding, also benefits the plant's recovery.

How to use?

To use it as a spray for blooming or ornamental plants, use the following dosing ratios:

  • 1:100 dilution (e.g. 10 ml of concentrate on 990 ml of water = 1 liter). Dip or wet the seedling tray or seedling bags with the solution before transplant.
  • 1:400 dilution (e.g. 2.5 ml of concentrate on 997.5 ml of water = 1 liter). Spray 14 days after transplant and repeat 2 to 3 times at 21 to 28-day intervals.

Storage and shelf life

  • Store in the original, labeled and sealed container in a cool place away from direct sunlight

  • Avoid temperatures above 40°C and below 0°C. Although freezing does not have any negative effect on the activity of Kelpak, it may cause bottle distortion which may lead to leakages.

  • Once opened, please use the product in its entirety to prevent possible pathogenic contamination. Kelpak is produced in a sterile environment and the sterility is only guaranteed if the above is adhered to.

  • Previous and current studies have shown that Kelpak retains its integrity over a period of 5 years.

More information

Find more description about Kelpak here and information about different applications - here.

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