Clear Arch Trellis - U-Shape Plant Support

Aesthetic U-shape plant trellis for supporting climbing plants. Made of high-quality clear acrylic with a diameter of 6 mm. Perfect for giving plants support to climb on, especially for plants like Hoya, Scindapsus, Dioscorea, Piper, and more. Thanks to the clear color, trellis is almost invisible, and all focus is put on the plant. Simply wrap the plant vines around the stem and let the plant do the rest! Most climbing plants will start wrapping around the support naturally by themselves. For some extra support, to tie the vines to the trellis, you can use some mini hair clamps or a tie.

Arch trellises are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small (S): 70 mm wide and 350 mm high
  • Medium (M): 106 mm wide and 400 mm high
  • Large (L): 146 mm wide and 450 mm high

Sale price€3,50
Size: Small