Canna Mono Iron 0,1% - Mononutrient

Liquid Canna Mono Iron supports chlorophyll formation and photosynthesis. Stimulates growth and flowering.

Canna Iron fulfills a number of important functions in the plant's total metabolism and that makes it an essential element. It plays a major part in photosynthesis and a large part in the production of chlorophyll. Furthermore, it has a big influence on physiological processes and on the energy system.

Canna Iron can be absorbed directly, can be mixed with all fertilisers and is stable with each pH. It is a perfect product to replenish iron deficiency and to stimulate the growth and bloom.

Canna Iron is an essential element for plants. Iron plays, amongst others, a leading role in the photosynthesis. Moreover, it has an important influence on the physiological processes and the energy balance.

Liquid iron chelates can be immediately absorbed by the plant, can be mixed with all fertilizers, and is stable with each common pH value.


  • To be applied as an iron fertilizer, amongst others, in the case of an iron deficiency.
  • As a supplementary remedy to stimulate the growth and bloom.


  • Maintenance dose: 1:1500 => 7.5 ml/10 liter
  • Moderate deficiency: 1:1000 => 10 ml/10 liter
  • Serious deficiency: 1:500  => 20 ml/10 liter

Dilute 10-20 ml concentrate per 10 liter of water (1:1000/1:500).


A good fertilizer contains all essential elements in the correct proportions. An overdose of iron will not damage the plant but obstructs the absorption of phosphate. Therefore, proceed with caution when determining the dose. Fe contains the organic layers DTPA&EDDHA which prevent oxidation.

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