Anthurium Dorayaki

Anthurium Dorayaki x self small size plants.

Anthurium 'Dorayaki' is a stunning hybridized form of Anthurium Crystallinum. The leaves of Dorayaki are thick, oval/round shaped, and with wide white veins. The venation gives a shimmering, silvery sheen when viewed from certain angles.

Anthurium Dorayaki is a compact and low-growing species, and it grows sideways, rather than continuously increasing in height by reaching upwards.

Anthurium Dorayaki, due to its round, heart-shaped leaves and wide veins is often mistaken for another similar variety - Anthurium Silver Blush. But in fact, they're different plants. In comparison to Dorayaki, Silver Blush has very silvery foliage while Dorayaki only has broad silver veins. The name 'Dorayaki' actually refers to a round, pancake-like confectionery in Japan.

Note: You will receive the exact or a similar plant to the one on the photo. 

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