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Anthurium Wendlingeri (XS) - SMUKHIAnthurium Wendlingeri (XS) - SMUKHI
Anthurium Wendlingeri (XS) Sale price€30,00
Anthurium (Forgetii DF x Crystallinum) x Forgetii DF - SMUKHIAnthurium (Forgetii DF x Crystallinum) x Forgetii DF - SMUKHI
Anthurium (Forgetii DF x Crystallinum) x Forgetii DF Sale price€18,00 Regular price€20,00
Anthurium Warocqueanum (XS)Anthurium Warocqueanum (XS)
Anthurium Warocqueanum (XS) Sale price€30,00
DocBlock Anthurium Michelle (S/M)DocBlock Anthurium Michelle (S/M)
DocBlock Anthurium Michelle (S/M) Sale priceFrom €135,00 Regular price€150,00
Anthurium King Of Spades (HU / KOS) - (S)Anthurium King Of Spades (HU / KOS) - (S)
Aristolochia Leuconeura - SMUKHIAristolochia Leuconeura - SMUKHI
Aristolochia Leuconeura Sale priceFrom €35,00
Anthurium Besseae affAnthurium Besseae aff
Anthurium Besseae aff Sale price€100,00
Anthurium DorayakiAnthurium Dorayaki
Anthurium Dorayaki Sale priceFrom €25,00 Regular price€30,00
Amydrium Medium Silver - SMUKHIAmydrium Medium Silver - SMUKHI
Amydrium Medium Silver Sale price€30,00 Regular price€40,00
Alocasia Zebrina ReticulataAlocasia Zebrina Reticulata
Alocasia Zebrina Reticulata Sale price€75,00 Regular price€85,00
Alocasia Watsoniana (S) - SMUKHIAlocasia Watsoniana (S) - SMUKHI
Alocasia Watsoniana Sale price€15,00
Anthurium Crystallinum - SMUKHIAnthurium Crystallinum - SMUKHI
Anthurium Crystallinum Sale price€10,00 Regular price€15,00
Anthurium Dark Phoenix (ID1) - SMUKHIAnthurium Dark Phoenix (ID1) - SMUKHI
Anthurium Dark Phoenix x self Sale price€160,00
Anthurium ClidemioidesAnthurium Clidemioides
Anthurium Clidemioides Sale priceFrom €70,00
Anthurium Goliath / Darkest Panama - SMUKHIAnthurium Goliath / Darkest Panama - SMUKHI
Anthurium Goliath / Darkest Panama Sale priceFrom €250,00 Regular price€280,00
Anthurium (Crystallinum x Magnificum) x Papillilaminum 'IL'Anthurium (Crystallinum x Magnificum) x Papillilaminum 'IL'
Anthurium (Crystallinum x Magnificum) x Papillilaminum 'IL' Sale priceFrom €60,00 Regular price€70,00
Anthurium Nigrolaminum 'Gigi' (sp Napo)Anthurium Nigrolaminum 'Gigi' (sp Napo)
Anthurium Papillilaminum XOne x Mutated HUAnthurium Papillilaminum XOne x Mutated HU
Anthurium Crystallinum x - SMUKHIAnthurium Crystallinum x - SMUKHI
Anthurium RLxFS x self (S/M)Anthurium RLxFS x self (S/M)
Anthurium RLxFS x self (S/M) Sale price€290,00
Cyrtosperma Johnstonii - SMUKHICyrtosperma Johnstonii - SMUKHI
Cyrtosperma Johnstonii Sale price€95,00
DocBlock Anthurium Black Widow '13' X Black Widow '43'DocBlock Anthurium Black Widow '13' X Black Widow '43'
Anthurium Blue Papillilaminum x 'RLFS' - Seedlings - SMUKHIAnthurium Blue Papillilaminum x 'RLFS' - Seedlings - SMUKHI
Anthurium RLxFS x HUxRCAnthurium RLxFS x HUxRC
Anthurium RLxFS x HUxRC Sale price€185,00