Orchiata Bark - 5L

Orchiata is an exceptional soil-free growing substrate made from New Zealand Pinus radiata bark. Its consistent high quality provides superior growing results. Orchiata is a stable, standalone product with a long life. Orchiata bark is a must-have component for your aroid mix.

Unique processing and quality controls enhance the natural benefits of Orchiata: uniform size, beneficial micro-organisms, and excellent rewetting and drying properties. 

Orchiata is made from only the finest quality, 100% organic Pinus radiata bark, sourced from renewable, sustainable man-made forests in New Zealand, ensuring availability into the future. Orchiata is clean, stable, dependable, and ready to use straight from the bag - no rinsing, no refining, no extra work..... just consistently superior growth!

Available in 4 grades:

  • Precision (3-6 mm)
  • Classic (6-9 mm)
  • Power (9-12 mm)
  • Super (18-25 mm)

More information about Orchiata bark you can find on the brand's website here.

Sold packed in 5-liter ziplock bags.

Sale price€7,50
Grade: Precision (3-6 mm)