Clear Moss Pole "Square" - Large

Foldable moss pole that gives support for climbing plants. Made of clear plastic, it lets you follow the aerial root growth. Plants that have enough support, and have their aerial roots well developed, will start growing larger and more mature leaves.

Moss pole is firm and reusable, made of high-quality PP material ensuring durability and long-lasting use. Pole, filled with sphagnum moss, will retain water and nutrition for growing stronger and healthier plants. You can also fill the pole with other substrates, such as an aroid mix, bark, or other. Water the substrate from the top of the moss pole.


When assembled, this moss pole is 60 cm long, 10 cm wide and 6 cm deep, being wide and tall enough to support even larger plants. Moss pole can be extended with another pole by partially sliding it over the top.

Sphagnum moss

You can buy the Sphagmoss separately here.

How to assemble? For steps please refer to the Quick Guide shown on the last photo.

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