Chunky Aroid Mix 'Coco Blend' - 5L

Chunky Aroid Mix is a soilless mix with base components like coconut husk, pine bark, perlite, worm castings, fine coco coir, zeolite and activated carbon.

It has a perfect structure for most medium and large size aroids like Anthurium, Philodendron, Monstera and more. The airy and chunky structure provides oxygen to the roots, and is well-draining. 

  • Use a handy substrate scoop to scoop and pour the mix into a pot.
  • Adjust the mix to your watering habits if necessary to be even more draining by adding more bark and/or perlite, or more water retaining by adding more coco coir.
  • The mix is not be suitable for baby plants due to the size of the components. Instead, try the Fine Seedling Mix for your aroid baby plants.

Packed in 5L ziplock bags.

How many Round aroid pots 5 liters of aroid mix fill?

  • 7.6 cm - 26-27 x
  • 10 cm - 12-13 x
  • 12.7 cm - 5-6 x
  • 15 cm - 3.5 x
  • 18 cm - 2 x
  • 20 cm -1.5 x
  • 23 cm - 1 x

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