Plant care

What to keep in mind when buying plants

Plant care habits

As a plant parent, every one of us has different habits and approaches when it comes to plant care, and for this reason, I won't be giving out plant care advice left and right. While most species within the same genus might have similar care guidelines, there are exceptions that require a drastically different approach (think about A. Splendidum for example).

The well-being, growth, and health of a plant are dependent on many factors. The humidity in your home, light, temperature, airflow are as important as watering and fertilizing habits. I advise you, as a future parent of another plant, do your research up front. Plus, you know your environment better than any stranger, and you can't trust any water meter better than your own index finger! Do what feels right based on your knowledge.

If there are some special remarks, they will be noted in the description of the plant.

Plant acclimation

Plants that are shipped to you, undergo delivery stress. Some deliveries are longer, and some are shorter, but in any case, the plant experiences a period without light, water, or a pleasant temperature and/or humidity. In order to ensure your newly delivered plant(s) adapt well there are a few tips you can follow. The main point is to let it adapt to your environment and eliminate extreme changes.