Sticky Traps - Butterfly & Flower - Black - Set of 10

Oh, those little frustrating gnats! The primary way that fungus gnats affect your plants is through their larvae. They lay eggs in your growing medium and once they hatch, the larvae will attach to the roots of your plants and drain them of nutrients. Adult fungus gnats can carry diseases, especially fungal diseases and they lay hundreds of eggs fast, which will devour plant roots!

Sticky insect traps will help to catch the flying and crawling insects on your plants! In comparison with the traditional yellow traps, black-colored ones will not impact the aesthetics as they blend in well and are almost invisible. Plus, the trapped insects will not be too obvious on the black surface!

How to use: Remove the protective paper from both sides and stick the trap into the soil. Sticky traps will help to minimize the infestation and affect the breeding cycle by trapping the fungus gnats on the sticky surface. Traps can be used as long as desired (as long as there is still a sticky surface left for bugs to stick to).

  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Sticky on both sides

The set contains 10 sticky traps (5 in butterfly shape, 5 in flower shape).

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