Postcard holder with dried flowers - Oak wood - Edge-to-edge

Sale price€18,95

Minimalistic decor and a functional postcard stand in one!

This handmade postcard/photo holder is made of European oak. Besides the card groove, the stand also has a dedicated placement for dried flower arrangement with 6 holes at one end of the stand. The stand comes with a dried flower set (you can pick the style from several options).

Holes are big enough to fit multiple thin stems into one, creating a fuller flower composition. Of course, you can add as many stems as you like, by filling just a few, all of them, or even leaving them empty and using all length for cards only.

Holes are placed on both sides of the card groove so that the stand can also be rotated to have the flower arrangement on the other side.

Decor Style: --
Length: 18 cm - 4 holes
Set: Without cards