Houseplant Soil Booster - Insect Humus - Natural Fertilizer - 1000 ml

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Use this balanced organic matter with a pinch of chitin residues to promote the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms and trigger the house plant’s natural defenses. Suitable for all house plants.

Ingredients: 100% insect humus.

How to use:

Every two months, spread a portion on the pot surface around the plant and lightly mix it into the potting mix. Water carefully ​to ​​prevent the product from ​floating out of the pot. The odour that might develop in the closed package dissipates quickly when applied as suggested.

Size: 1000 ml

Materials: Cardboard box (100x110x150mm) with compostable pouch.

Keep in a cool place, protected from direct light and out of reach of children and animals.