Handmade Glass Tube Stand "Donut"

Donut Tube Stands are handmade glass tube stands with a stone-like effect – made using polyresin (also known as jesmonite or acrylic resin).
The bottom of the rings is open to enhance the minimalism of this accessory. The ring has a single purpose and that is to hold the tube upright, so the design is kept super simple!

Rings are made using self-made molds, and they are sanded and sealed with a transparent varnish afterward.

  • The set includes a donut ring and a matching size glass tube
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Available in multiple colors and patterns
  • A protective layer of cork glued on the bottom


  • Small (62 mm ring with a 14 cm high and 2 cm diameter tube)
  • Medium (76 mm ring with a 15 cm high and 3 cm diameter tube). The tube comes with a cork cap.

Tip: Larger 3 cm tubes can be used not just as a vase, but also to keep in herbs and spices!

Customizations are also possible, such as a specific color, or effect, or lettering on the tube – feel free to send a message with your request.


Sale price$8.00
Design: Pale Gray
Size: Small