Square Aroid Pots - Matte, Semi-opaque Plastic

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Semi-opaque, matte plastic pots in square shape. Perfect for growing seedlings, as well as large plants that get massive roots, such as Anthuriums, Philodendrons, and other Aroids. 

Thanks to the square-shaped design and taller height, these pots are perfect and more efficient in smaller spaces, giving more volume, and taking less space arranged next to each other. The extra height makes these pots ideal for use with lechuza pon or other semi-hydro substrates, giving more volume and additional space for the roots growing downwards, and giving an additional space for a drainage layer.

Pots can be used with soil, perlite, lechuza pon, leca, or any other substrate. The bottom of the pot has multiple drainage holes, and four slits on the sides (one on each corner of the pot).

Pots are made of frosted clear (matte) PP plastic.

Available in 5 sizes.

 Width (top) Width (bottom) Height
5 cm 4 cm 5.8 cm
7 cm 5.5 cm 10 cm
9 cm 7 cm 12.4 cm
12 cm 9.3 cm 16.4 cm
15 cm 11.6 18.5
Diameter (cm): 5