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The next step has been approached and my small business has outgrown the stage of being run from home. And those who know Dutch homes, they aren't the most generous in size so stock ends up being stored at every room imaginable - from living room, kitchen and bedroom to garage and even basement. Plus, in a paid storage unit! At some point this becomes very inconvenient and ineffective when it comes to order picking and managing your inventory. So - we gotta take the next step!

I'm very happy to announce that my friend Kelly (from @kelsplants24 on Instagram) and I have got an office! From October 1st we'll be sharing the same workspace, and helping each other where necessary. Kelly is just starting up her business and I'll be there to give a hand, and give some tips and lessons I've learnt through my own entrepreneurship.

Having a workspace will give a better balance by separating work from private life, and we both believe that working together naturally pushes you to go even further and try harder.

At the new place I will be first storing my non-plant inventory at, handling and packing all online orders, and managing order pickups. Eventually Kelly and I will be setting one of the spaces up as our showroom that will be open at specific times, and/or based on an appointment. With time we will also move part of our plants there. Please stay tuned for more updates in the process!

Thank you all for your support!

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