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Winter Plant Shipment Update

Due to the cold weather plant shipments may de delayed. Shipments will be resumed once the weather is safe enough (no sub-zero temperature). Plant orders will be processed in the order they have been received.

To ensure your plants have a safe and warm trip on the way to your home, make sure to add a heatpack to your order. It will keep the plant(s) warm for 40 or 72 hours. Heatpack, in combination with 100% natural hemp fiber that acts as insulation and corrugated cardboard the plants are wrapped in, they will have a safe trip during the chilly days!

Get a heatpack

Passion that once grew into a

One-Person Run Small Business

Hello, let me introduce myself as the person behind the SMUKHI brand! I'm not just an obsessed plant collector as you might think. Being an entrepreneur comes wish such important roles to fulfill as being a manager, supplier, customer support, social media manager and content creator, order picker and packer, website builder and so much more. I love growing my private plant collection and supplying my fellow plant collectors along the way. Want to know more about me?

Plant Care Essentials

Ding-Dong! Plant Mail!

You have received your new plants, but how do you safely unbox and acclimate them, especially in winter time?

Here are a few tips on how to do that:

1. One of the things to avoid is sudden temperature change. If plants have been in transit in winter (even with a heat pack) please let the box to sit in room temperature before you open it, and let it adjust to the warmth slowly. This way the plants won't get the sudden warm temperature shock.

Unbox With Care

2. Just like plants have been packed with care, they should also get unpacked the same way - slowly and carefully!

Plants are taped to, and wrapped in corrugated cardboard to hold them in place, and foliage is tucked in soft filling (either 100% hemp fiber or synthetic fluff) to keep the stems and leaves safe and intact.

Hemp fiber/fluff and tape should be removed bit by bit and without pulling to avoid damaging any leaves (especially if there is a new leaf on the way).

Give It Time To Adjust

3. Even though you might be excited about your new plant(s), please wait with directly putting it under (grow)light, beginning with spraying, watering, fertilizing, repotting and doing other activities. Plant(s) have been through stress traveling to you and deserve to acclimate first. Plus, as our environments are different, plant(s) will need to get used to your home - your light conditions, humidity, temperature and of course, your plant care habits.

Ideally, let the plant acclimate for at least a day or few in low light and moderate temperature (not too cold or too hot). You can also put the plant in a plastic box with lid to give it enough humidity while it's acclimating. Open the lid couple of times to air the box. Introduce the plant to its new home slowly.

Real Photos

You see what you get! If not stated otherwise, you will receive the exact product/plant as pictured! This way you know what to expect when you receive your package.

Grown With Love

Plants are nurtured in my care and given the best to let them grow up to their potential. Part of plants come from my private collection, some - from local growers, and growers aboard.

Packed With Care

All orders are packed with care and as environmentally friendly as possible. Corrugated cardboard and 100% natural hemp fiber are used for plant packing.

Shipment Schedule

Orders are packed and sent twice a week - on Mondays and Tuesdays! Please try to place your order until Saturday night to ensure a timely dispatch.


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